Dog & Cat Pee Smell Out of Carpet

Dog & Cat Pee Smell Out of Carpet

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Dog pee is one of the most disgusting foul smells ever from among the pets. It contains ammonia, bacteria, and acid that can destroy your carpet and which can also harm your health. Similarly, the cat pee smells worst. It is true that even though your pets are trained well the accidents happen unexpectedly. Instead of wondering unnecessarily, you need to imagine and know the best tips to eliminate the pet pee smells that would manifest by the professional carpet cleaning services in cranbourne.

Here are three tips to get cat and dog pee smells from the carpet

  • Dog pee smells removing

If you have the ready-made removals, then it’s better. But if it is not, then we are giving you some ingredients tips that you can do:

Blot the pee fluid with the towel as much as you can remove it from the carpet. And now

  1. Add on a cup of water
  2. 1 cup purified white vinegar
  3. 1/4 cup of baking soda, and with 3% of hydrogen peroxide.

Mix them well and fill them in a spray bottle, and spray on the pee spots liberally. With concentration, allow the wet to remain as it is, and once again, pour it with water to soak it.

Meanwhile, begin the solution by rubbing and donning the rubber gloves. Now blot again and make the spot radically dry. Apply baking soda over it and vacuum it away.

  • Carpet shampooing on the carpet to disappear the dog pee smells 

The second option, you can buy a carpet shampooer. These tips are alternatives if you don’t have the above ingredients. We would say that this is also a worthwhile factor that could help while wondering what to do to remove the smells. It is effectively working for the removal of stains and foul smell by shampooing and deodorizing the carpets. 

Furthermore, the appropriate and smooth removals of the foul smells of dog pee from the carpet are to hire a professional carpet cleaning.

Cat pee smells removing:

  • White vinegar and water

Make combinations of the same amount of white vinegar and the water. Apply the mixture to the cat’s pee stains and permit it for a maximum of thirty minutes. Then, blot and absorb the liquids as much as you can to dissipate the smells and stains. When it’s almost dry, you will get the solutions just as new as before.

  • No waiting for tomorrow, but do it now!

It is best if you treated immediately with the given methods on the sudden accidents of dog and cat pee on the carpet. Significantly, you can hire an expert to do deep removal of the pet’s pee smells.


Famous Experts can provide you all your wishes for carpet cleaning. Hiring them will give you many profits for the future. They can provide you with guidance on what ought to do and what ought not to do.

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